Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Call Of The Wild ( Journal Entry 2 )

Dear Journal,

  In the third chapter of the Novel '' The Call Of The Wild '' Buck and the team of dogs are traveling pulling the sleigh. During this Travel Buck fights alot with Spitz the leader of the team, which at the end of the chapter, Buck breaks Spitz Left fore leg and Spitz can't do anything no more. Will Buck become the leader in the next Chapters ? Some questions i'm wondering is what else will be found on Buck's way ? I realte this One Question that I awnsered by reading this chapter is that the beating is still continuing. I relate this chapter of the Novel to a life experienced that happend to me when I was boarding my neighbor's Dogs at my house for 2 weeks. One of the dogs was always pushing the other one away because he was showing that he was dominant and one day the second dog that was always pushed around decided to fight back and pounced on the dominant dog's neck and they fought for 5 minutes. The domnant Dog's front leg was pierced side to side and blood was pissing out of their. I needed to sperate the Dog's paddock in to two so that they had not contact anymore.

The Call Of The Wild ( Journal Entry 1 )

Dear Journal,

 The novel '' The Call of The Wild '' looks like an iteresting book that has also an interesting theme. This novel that i'm reading has the main character which is '' Buck ''. Buck is a dog which in the first two chapters is mistreated badly. By reading this book the dog is having a hard life with all those things happening to it, at the begging . Starting by being in a crate, transported for a long time, then bought by someone who is making a dog sled team, and does not give the good portions of food to Buck. What i'm wondering about is ; what will happen to Buck ? Is he still going to be abused ? Will he be sold to worse people ? Will he find the good familly , or continue his life as a miserable draft animal ? Personaly, I realte this story to the novel '' White Fang ''. In this case White Fang is a Wolf which is mother got killed when he was a baby. He got adopted all sorts of people  ( changed Owners ) and was a semi domestic / Wild wolf. Like Buck, White Fang got beaten and mistreated by alot of his pass Owners.